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Marketing Reporting and Automation with Datorama

Jerry Bell
Data Engineer
Apr 6, 2021

In comparison to other dashboarding and marketing data visualization tools, Datorama combines real-time data from multiple sources to give you an accurate picture of how you’re performing across channels. Learn whether Datorama is right for your business.

What is Datorama?

Datorama is a cloud-based Business Intelligence Tool from Salesforce. It’s considered a marketing intelligence platform, and it gives marketers a friendly way to access media data specifically.

What are the capabilities of Datorama?

Datorama allows you to combine your disparate marketing sources into one data model and visualize it in branded dashboards.

These capabilities are essential for any digital marketing program with data coming in from different sources and with different metrics, dimensions, and KPIs. The Datorama Platform has a customized data model featuring pre-defined data relationships, so it combines terms across advertising platforms and standardizes the data to all work together. The benefit of the marketing data model is that analysts can avoid creating repeat calculations. Instead, we map each marketing source to the data model, and then analysts can use the same fields no matter what they’re reporting on.

Once everything is in one place, Datorama lets you create dashboards quickly and easily with InstaBrand. Datorama’s dashboard branding features allow you to match a whole dashboard to your brand guidelines rapidly. Simply upload your logo or company colors, and all of your charts, widgets, and dashboards will change color to match.

What are the benefits of using Datorama?

Datorama is focused entirely on Marketing. With over 300 marketing connections in place, Datorama’s integration engine can connect quickly to your marketing sources, whether you’re connecting directly to marketing platforms, getting data from your agency, or pulling from internal databases.

Datorama’s InstaBrand functionality saves you time by allowing you to update every chart and metric on a dashboard at once to match your company’s colors and branding, while other platforms would require you to change each individual trendline or bar chart.

Datorama can help you stay one step ahead of your competitors with Salesforce-powered Einstein Insight Bots that provide insights into campaign improvement or KPI optimization. Tell Datorama you want to maximize your ROAS or minimize your CPA, and you’ll get real-time feedback on improvements you can make.

Datorama creates cross-functional ease.  The Media Cost Center lets you implement budget changes without ever leaving the platform.

Datorama provides a testing environment. Worried about breaking your reports when making updates? Datorama can provide a development workspace to test out your updates before pushing them to live reports.

With all of these tools at your disposal, Datorama empowers your marketing team to get things done.

What are my options for connecting data in Datorama?

Datorama has multiple options for getting data into its platform.  

  • Over 300 prebuilt API connectors are available for ad tech vendors, cloud data warehouses, and tracking platforms.
  • No API?  The TotalConnect connector is versatile and allows:
  • Direct file upload
  • SFTP
  • Pull a file from an email, or email a file for direct upload
  • Connect to a custom query service such as Big Query.
  • An array of developer-specific tools:
  • Create custom API connections – build a custom connector for your data source
  • Create custom Apps – build new packaged solutions on top of Datorama
  • Utilize the Platform API tool – manage your implementation with automatic actions, bulk updates, and custom workflows.
  • Utilize the Query API tool – export data from Datorama to your own database, 3rd party data visualization platforms, or your analytics tools.

Differentiating features of Datorama

Marketing Data Mapping Visualizer in Datorama

1. The Data Model

Within Datorama is the Data Model, where all the information is stored. It is pre-configured with marketing data fields and relationships.  As you absorb your data into this Data Model, you will need to fit the information into the right spot.  Once the data is implemented correctly, this Data Model is a powerful tool for your reporting needs. Datorama allows you to blend multiple sources in a variety of ways:

  1. You can add formulas in the Data Mapping as the data is being imported.
  2. You can bring multiple sources together to create custom metrics and dimensions and harmonize them in Calculated Metrics and Calculated Dimensions.  
  3. There are many other methods available, such as Vlookup Functions, Filtered Metrics, and Data Fusion.

2. The Dashboard functionality.

Datorama is well-equipped with a visualization section allowing you to create powerful, one-click dashboards, custom visualizations, and shareable reports. Datorama also enables you to set up AI-driven insights to optimize channel and campaign performance in real-time.

Datorama Dashboard Example

Use cases for Datorama​

1. I have a lot of data, but different ad tech companies track things differently.

Does your ad Fetch vendor keep “Device” in the Ad Group Name, or is it a separate field? Are you trying to keep track of business logic across several different marketing sources? This is where Datorama’s object model shines.

How Datorama from Salesforce Unifies Marketing Data

2. We want one unified platform to manage our data.

You have two dashboards in Salesforce, three in Google Data studio, some data from Supermetrics that you drop into an Excel file weekly. That’s a lot of reporting monkey business! With Datorama’s integration engine, you can pull data directly from all of these sources. With connectors to all major ad tech vendors, you can consolidate reporting in one place.

Datorama consolidates data from all major ad tech vendors in one place.

3. I need to be able to do federated reporting.

Do you have to provide reports for multiple departments, levels, or product managers? Because your marketing sources have all been combined in one place, you can segment dashboards for each of your data consumers. Create scheduled reports that can be emailed or use the cloud-based dashboards to put data at the fingerprints of every stakeholder.

4. Our company requires multiple data visualization platforms.

Is your company already using Tableau but needing different capabilities for aligning marketing data? Because Datorama is part of the Salesforce marketing cloud family, datasets can be sent directly to the Tableau server and Tableau CRM. Let Datorama connect, integrate, and harmonize your data and send it back to where people are already used to seeing it.

5. We manage data for multiple brands.

If you manage data for multiple service lines, consumer brands, or industries, Datorama lets you create multiple workspaces for each brand, then develop roll-up reports for the parent company. Departments can see their data without seeing data from other departments, but the parent company can see what’s happening across all marketing departments.

6. We use standard data sources.

Standard data sources (i.e., email marketing, social media marketing, and display marketing ) connect cleanly and nicely into Datorama so that it’s easier to see performance across platforms. For example, if you have a campaign that runs across four platforms, Datorama would allow you to identify those platforms where the campaign is most successful without needing to do that aggregation manually.

To learn more about how Datorama can help make your marketing data more impactful, contact us today.

Jerry Bell
Data Engineer

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