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Further is a certified Salesforce consulting partner providing services for software for Einstein 1, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Platform & the Salesforce Analytics ecosystem.

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We’re different from other partners because we focus on business impact at every step in our strategic approach to help you leverage your Data+AI+CRM. We help you deploy, activate, and manage your data and provide insights through analysis and data science.

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Einstein 1 Capabilities

Further is a certified Einstein 1 Platform partner that combines the power of Data+AI+CRM. Our team of data scientists has been developing business-transforming AI solutions since the launch of the Einstein platform. Our native and bespoke algorithms drive growth and efficiency by delivering AI-informed decision-making to front-line sales, marketing, and service professionals. Let us show you how Einstein 1 can transform your business.

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Marketing Cloud Capabilities

Further is a certified full-stack Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting partner who can help you achieve optimal value from an integrated marketing ecosystem. Salesforce integrates seamlessly with the leading cloud providers, including AWS, Data Bricks, Google Big Query, Google Cloud, and Snowflake.

Integrate and harmonize your multichannel data, gain in-depth customer insights and enable real-time, 1-to-1, personalized experiences across your customer’s journey.

Collect and unify your data to create unified customer profiles, resolve IDs and build audience segments that you can activate and analyze quickly.

Create personalized customer and prospect experiences and manage campaigns across email-mobile, advertising, the web, direct mail, sales, commerce & service.

Drive successful campaigns with smarter, data-driven email marketing using the leading ESP to manage customer journeys at scale.

Reach customers where they are based on events, location and proximity and personalize mobile marketing with SMS messages, push notifications & chat messaging.

Use your CRM + Zero Party Data to personalize digital advertising to acquire and re-engage customers.

The one platform to connect, analyze and take action on all your marketing and tie marketing results to business outcomes.

Salesforce Analytics Capabilities

Further is a leading certified Salesforce Analytics Consulting Partner providing services for CRM Analytics, Einstein, Tableau & Data Cloud for Tableau. We’re specialists with deep analytics, data engineering and data science expertise.

Empower Salesforce users with actionable data insights and recommendations fueled by AI and integrated with your CRM. Get data visualization with native Salesforce and external data that are actionable within the Salesforce stack.

Comprehensive AI for CRM that makes Salesforce Customer 360 smarter. Get machine learning-driven discovery and predictive model insights integrated at sales, service & marketing touchpoints in dashboard-integrated solutions.

Our Quickstart Packages for RevIntel and CRMA give you out-of-the-box revenue forecasting and pipeline analysis. Confidently plan your business around the future revenue your pipeline will generate.

Boost productivity & customer relationships with this leading visualization tool. Integrate Einstein predictions into Tableau for forward-looking insights, plus embed Tableau visualizations in your Salesforce workflows.

Use Tableau to explore and visualize the richness of your unified customer profiles in the world’s leading visualization platform.

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With over 55 Salesforce certifications and accreditations, our Salesforce clients benefit from the product expertise, consulting, managed services, and value-added services that go far beyond standing up software to maximizing their return on investment.

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