How To Build AI for Trust: Chat with Cal Al-Dhubaib and Sadie St. Lawrence

May 2, 2024

As AI becomes integral to business strategy, many organizations are navigating the complex interplay between technical innovation, creating business value, and managing risk. Despite the progress, fewer than 10% of organizations have successfully deployed generative AI solutions.

During this 30-minute LinkedIn Live fireside chat, Cal Al-Dhubaib will be joined by Sadie St. Lawrence to discuss:

1. The top challenges faced by organizations related to human adoption, alignment with business values, risk management processes, and unexpectedly costly data curation efforts.

2. Best practices in designing and deploying AI that builders and users can trust.

3. Practical tools to get started with building trust among AI and users.

Attendees will be encouraged to ask their own questions during this time to be answered during the live event, in conversation on LinkedIn afterwards, or in a future live event. The discussion is meant to be approachable and informative to leaders who are actively strategizing and building AI in their organizations.

No registration is required for this event but click the Attend button to ensure you’re notified! When the livestream begins, LinkedIn will send out notifications, allowing you to view it directly on LinkedIn, both via mobile and web. This also includes access to the live chat for Q&As and comments.

Join the LinkedIn Live event here.