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SDI Acquires Analytics Cloud Consulting And The Touch Analytics App

Feb 18, 2020

Our latest acquisition increases our innovative technology solutions and our consulting capacity, which means new, faster data visualizations & deeper data insights for clients.

We’re excited to share that we’ve acquired Analytics Cloud Consulting and added Joseph Yelle, its Founder and President, to our Search Discovery Team. The acquisition also includes the asset Touch Analytics, a cloud-based proprietary app for validating data quality and accelerating dashboard deployment in a client’s Salesforce Einstein Analytics environment.

We’re thrilled to welcome Analytics Cloud Consulting. Our current and future clients will no doubt benefit from this acquisition as we expand our services and solutions to help our clients use their data with purpose to drive measurable business impact.

In our continuing efforts to help clients transform their businesses with data, this acquisition will help drive SDI consulting capabilities and accelerate both clients’ time-to-market and Einstein integrations. These increased capabilities will optimize how clients use the software. All of this is a massive win for meeting our clients’ growing demands to gain rapid, compelling data insights and solutions.

About Joseph
Joseph is an expert analytics designer, practitioner, and consultant with multiple Salesforce certifications. For the past ten years, he has worked with many Salesforce customers to deploy Salesforce and Einstein solutions. While working at Salesforce, he designed and implemented the support structure for Salesforce Einstein, then he moved to the product team, training 600+ international users and consultants on successful implementation strategies. He founded his Einstein consulting firm, Analytics Cloud Consulting, in 2016, working with enterprise clients such as VMware, Cisco, and many others. He joined Search Discovery in 2020.

Joseph explains why he sold Analytics Cloud Consulting to Search Discovery: “I thoroughly vetted several companies, and Search Discovery was the only one that I could align with on all fronts. They truly believe in their mission and their values and could prove it with every conversation from the top down.”

The value Joseph will bring to clients can’t be understated. With his experience and Search Discovery’s integrated capabilities, we’ll be able to uptempo all the standard dashboard requests we get across companies. Instead of spending 100 hours on building a dashboard, we can now spend five hours achieving the same data quality and outcomes.

“I’m most excited about the intelligence of the people here,” says Joseph. “All of those areas where I’ve been put through the fire to learn doesn’t mean I have the experience that all these experts have…I’ve been a jack-of-all-trades, and it’s great to have access to people who are so specialized. I love to learn from people that are truly experienced over the course of decades. That amount of specific intelligence to the layers of knowledge in this field is absolutely important.”

About Search Discovery’s Growth
At Search Discovery, we create an environment where team members have vast opportunities to solve hard problems, grow, and thrive. Our pioneering values fuel our constant search for and development of breakout technologies and tactical solutions to help our clients achieve their ambitions. Touch Analytics is a welcome addition to our toolbox of innovative tech that helps clients achieve meaningful business impact.

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