Search Discovery is now Further

Search Discovery is Now “Further”

Nov 1, 2023

Search Discovery is Now “Further”

The New Brand Reflects the Company’s Focus on Helping Companies Go Beyond Using Data, Cloud and AI.

Further, formerly Search Discovery, proudly introduces its renewed brand identity, capturing its unwavering commitment to harnessing data, cloud, and AI to deliver substantial business impact to customers.

ATLANTA. November 1, 2023. Search Discovery is now Further. The company today unveiled a brand transformation, including a new name, logo, and brand identity. Built on more than 15 years of industry expertise, Further is trusted by some of the largest brands, including many of the Fortune 500, to drive exceptional business impact through cloud, data, and AI solutions.

The new brand identity reflects the company's commitment to delivering value to customers in the fast-evolving digital marketplace, with expanding expertise and strategic focus on services and solutions for data, cloud, and AI.

Elements of Further’s Brand Transformation:


The name represents how the company helps companies, leaders, partners, colleagues, and employees go further with data, cloud, and AI 


The logo embodies progressiveness, innovation, partnership, and reliability—hallmarks of the high-quality work the company delivers to every client.

Brand Identity

Our new brand identity better aligns with a strategic focus to deliver data-driven solutions to businesses across industries and highlights its expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI and cloud computing to unlock new opportunities.

“Further speaks to the advancements and acceleration our customers need today to unlock opportunities as their business continues to accelerate and evolve using the power of our Cloud and AI capabilities,” says President Mike Gustafson. “Our ongoing purpose is to enable our customers to Own The Unknown”.

“This rebrand marks a major milestone as the company continues to accelerate  enterprise companies  by using the power of Cloud, Data and AI,” says Further parent company, Momentum CEO George Popstefanov.

About Further

Further is a data, cloud, and AI company whose sole focus is helping you turn raw data into the right decisions. We help you harness untapped potential, drive robust growth, and achieve unparalleled performance efficiency. Many companies are still playing a guessing game when it comes to critical business decisions. It’s time to own the unknown, and only Further brings the level of practical strategy, flexibility, and focus you need to do that. That’s why so many of the world’s leading brands, such as GameStop, Novartis, and Robert Half, all rely on us. And it’s how we’ve earned a client retention rate of over 90%. Further. Own The Unknown.™

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