Increasing Revenue 200% Over Three Years for B2B Financial Payments Client

Unlocking attribution insights fuels media strategy to generate massive revenue growth.

Business Challenge

A financial services B2B client wanted to unlock growth through strategic paid media engagement. Previous advertising efforts didn’t meet their expectations, because they didn’t identify and maximize best-performing channels, and they lacked focus and realistic targets.


Leveraging our longstanding Adobe partnership and expertise, Further media strategy & activation and data science experts worked together to create custom campaigns and implement a new marketing attribution solution.

  • After casting a wide net across multiple channels, we narrowed paid media to Search and Retargeting. We restructured the Search account to focus on keywords driving MQLs.
  • By continuously optimizing campaigns and identifying main drivers of higher quality traffic, revenue increased by 100%, and SQLs increased by 35%.
  • After adopting Bizible (which is now called Adobe Marketo Measure) to move past last-touch attribution and measure every interaction across the customer journey, the team shifted its campaign strategy. This resulted in an additional 50% increased revenue and improved MQL to SQL rate by 33%.

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Business Impact

Our ongoing efforts led to efficiency gains (200% revenue growth for only 20% more spend) over three years and consistent improvements in primary KPIs year-over-year.



Revenue growth



MQL to SQL rate improvement

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