Digital Measurement Strategy Creates Operational Efficiencies at Athenahealth

Aligned measurement strategy leads to self-service & time savings, unlocks insights.

Business Challenge

Athenahealth provides network-enabled services for healthcare and point-of-care mobile apps. Hundreds of stakeholders needed to understand the performance of their websites and other digital properties. The impacts of digital customer experiences were largely unknown, as data was not being collected consistently across them. This client needed a robust approach to KPI selection and target setting that could be used to improve data collection and literacy across the organization.


  • Further developed a robust framework to assess performance of the digital experiences, based on business goals and objectives set by leadership.
  • We defined specific KPI requirements and associated targets to inform updates to the enterprise data insights platform and make the KPIs available to the business stakeholders who needed them.  
  • We also leveraged the measurement strategy to inform data collection and visualization requirements, providing an actionable framework for business stakeholders to define and track performance of these experiences from initiation to sunset.

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Business Impact

Increase in self-service analytics based on a clear understanding of data collected in alignment with business KPIs. This led to:



Decrease in required third party support for reporting & analysis in the first 3 months



Increase in team member data literacy



Decrease in time spent searching for data

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