Google Marketing Platform Expertise Creates Advertising Wins for Global Healthcare Client

A sophisticated strategy for an advanced GMP client pays off in leads & conversions.

Business Challenge

Our global healthcare client was an advanced digital marketer using a wide range of Campaign Manager 360 tools, including campaign tracking, floodlight activities, event tag impression tracking, and variable URL suffix tracking. However, they wanted to move beyond CM 360 to take advantage of the Google Marketing Platform stack.


Further took a holistic approach to the ad trafficking process, establishing CM360 integrations within the GMP stack, including with Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, Analytics 360 and Data Studio.

  • We coordinated several campaigns designed around the various platforms and initiatives that were crucial for our client’s success, utilizing a wide variety of creative formats including image, HTML5, video, and CTV ads.
  • We trafficked ads to both The Trade Desk and Display & Video 360 that were further separated into the client’s business initiative in client acquisition and employee recruitment.
  • Because the client had several campaigns and ad groups in their DSP, in order to get more granular tracking and attribution data, we segmented placements to correspond with their ad groups in the DSP. 
  • Due to the quantity of placements, we used the variable URL suffix tracking to append information such as site and ad ID automatically.  

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Business Impact

Our complex understanding of the full Google Marketing Platform ensured that the ads were trafficked by various client goals. This enabled multiple conversions actions to be lifted vs. only the primary conversion and led to a 3% decrease in CPA.



Increase in primary leads



Increase in conversion rate



Increase in secondary conversions

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