Boosting Worldwide Customer Acquisition for a Global B2B SaaS Technology Brand

A strong data foundation and a tailor-made media strategy result in 55% conversions across global markets.

Business Challenge

A global B2B SaaS Tech Company was looking to improve its brand awareness while also maintaining a 2:1 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in the US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, and New Zealand markets.


Further optimized our client’s data foundation and activation, then launched a three-pronged media strategy to drive awareness, consideration, and customer acquisition by region. 

  • Before we implemented our strategy, we first worked closely with the CRM team to optimize analytics tracking and tagging within each region’s site environment. 
  • We then collaborated with media teams to ensure the sites had the necessary technical and content requirements to capture more brand traffic. 
  • We leveraged programmatic video & display with a brand lift study to measure the influence our advertising was having on consumer brand perception.
  • We implemented LinkedIn & Facebook campaigns to drive consideration among key job titles & industry verticals. 
  • Lastly, we built a robust paid search program to capture non-brand and brand demand by region, with rigorous conversion targets to capture bottom-funnel demand.

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Business Impact

Our client was delighted when we increased conversions & revenue and exceeded our ROAS target.



Increase in global conversions



Incremental revenue increase, directly from the campaign


ROAS including awareness and consideration spend

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