Boosting Performance for Global SaaS Tech Provider with Tailored Media and ABM Personalization & Targeting

A data-informed strategy combining CM360 and ABM campaigns increases reach, boosts CTR.

Business Challenge

A global SaaS technology provider was looking to drive increased reach, and, in coordination with ABM tooling, deliver personalized creative offers to their custom-tailored audience segments. Ultimately, the SaaS provider was seeking to improve click-through rate (CTR) over their baseline, evergreen-focused display initiatives by 10%. This increase would allow them to interact with incremental high-value users early in their research process without increasing budgets.


Further analyzed the client’s data to determine when a user’s online behavior indicated an increased propensity to interact with the brand. With this foundation, we developed a display strategy that delivered engaging, personalized content to these highly targeted users.

  • We utilized Agile structures in Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) to deliver rapid and precise pairings of personalized creative to detailed audience segments as their increased intent was identified to maximize CTR and interaction. 
  • Additionally, CM360 reporting armed the team with the data needed to quickly optimize creative and audience pairings for long-term program evolution.

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Business Impact

Our expertise using CM360 was crucial to quickly adapt creative to different audience types. The adaptations alone drove increases beyond client targets, and CM360 reporting capabilities facilitated optimizations that further increased performance over baseline.



Average CTR increase over evergreen content on a flat budget



Average CTR increase for intent-targeted audiences over traditional CRM lists

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