Campaign Activation Using Global Gaming Insights

Our gaming client needed a solution to connect a vast amount of gaming usage data across all of their labels.

Business Challenge

Once connected, the client wanted to leverage the fields in the enriched data to activate a plethora of marketing campaigns targeted to specific audiences. The challenge was to ultimately ingest data from millions of users from each label and unify these users, who were playing multiple games, to get a full picture of each user’s behavior across all games.


Treasure Data (TD) was chosen to leverage its data integration tools, elastic computing power, and fast segmentation and activation engine.

The data from each label was easily ingested into TD using their open-source bulk data loader called Embulk.

Workflows were then developed to deduplicate and cleanse the data. Following this, the team crafted an efficient ID unification algorithm to unify users.

Lastly, we used the segmentation engine to activate segments for the client to leverage for their advertising efforts.

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Business Impact

The client was impressed with the fast activation of a multitude of segments and was able to launch advertising campaigns with the unified and enriched data. They were able to match a large majority of the users in the segments.



Match Rate of Users to Segments

Same Day

Advertising Campaign Launch

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